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A Dash of Expectation

“In A Dash of Expectation, Fee has packaged a keen set of observations into a great read. He gives readers a practical, moving, and seriously funny glimpse into what it’s like to go back into the classroom as a substitute teacher. Never mind pastoral images of the sweet and obedient: the students in his poems are real. That’s what makes them—and Fee’s poetry—so transcendent. Instead of languishing above a clean desk, hands clasped and crayons stored neatly in cigar boxes, they are appropriately unruly and chaotic, competitive and needy, and self-absorbed as only grade-schoolers are allowed to be. Somehow, someway, Fee has managed to not only pinpoint, but play up the most powerful and universal details of being a school kid—the kind that successfully transports us back to our own experience. Don’t miss it!”

Jill Sherer Murray, author of “Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis”

2010 Epic Awards Winner The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is proud to announce “A Dash of Expectation” as the winner of the 2010 EPIC Award for Poetry. This award honors the finest electronically published books of the year.


    "This is a must have for every teacher library! A funny yet poignant glimpse into the crazy, happy, sad, wonderful world of teaching... I laughed out loud."

    "This book is great for everyone as it wonderfully depicts snippets from a teacher’s life."

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    A Dash of Expectation
    A Dash of Expectation