Book 2 in the Sheriff Matt Callahan Mystery Series

an award winner of the Chicago writers association 2018 first chapter contest for a book in progress

Editorial Reviews

“. . . [W]ell-plotted, rich in character, and Beaver Island ambiance. . .  The book and its Beaver Island setting deserve consideration for inclusion in every mid-sized and larger library in Michigan.”  --Michigan in Books

What it’s about:

The gruesome death of a young woman pulls Sheriff Matt Callahan into a shifting universe where nothing is as it appears.  As his island faces the threat of environmental ruin from the rupture of an oil pipeline under the waters of Lake Michigan and secret drilling along its shores, an unseen and relentless force poses a greater peril to the people of the island and beyond.  When Callahan attempts to navigate the maze of deception that conceals those responsible for the danger, he unwittingly draws the innocent into a lethal trap.

In this gripping Midwest mystery thriller, Callahan must confront his greatest fear as he is pushed to his physical and emotional limits.



A Sheriff Matt Callahan Mystery


An amazon best seller achieving number 1 in international mystery & crime


Editorial Reviews

"A well-written mystery about a unique community imbued with a palpable sense of place. . .well-plotted and highly enjoyable."--Kirkus Reviews

What it’s about:

After a horrific mutilation renders former Chicago police detective Matt Callahan a recluse, he is given a second chance at life as sheriff of tiny Nicolet County in the Northwoods of Michigan.  Idyllic, peaceful, and sparsely populated, the island community hides a web of secrets Callahan and his young female deputy must uncover before a great city an ocean away explodes in violence and is thrown back into a half century of carnage. 

Irish paramilitaries, the British Royal Family, a century-old Irish enclave in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the long reach of modern terrorism, and the incendiary effect of a single spark on the lasting peace of a nation combine to make a volatile brew in this engrossing Midwest mystery.



Editorial Reviews

"The cinematic, twisting plot superbly navigates a series of explosive events that lead this battle-ready political thriller to its gripping conclusion."--Kirkus Reviews

What it’s about:

In this action-packed thriller, a military trial uncovers a deep-seated political conspiracy.

When defense counsel, Marine Captain Charles Slidell, uncovers evidence that may bring the conspiracy to light and prove his clients' innocence, he ignites a conflagration of political intrigue and bloodshed that burns across the battlefields of Iraq, through the cities of Baghdad and Washington, and into the secret chambers of politicians, generals, and judges.

No measure is too extreme to guarantee the success of the conspiracy and protect the identities of those involved, and Slidell soon finds himself in a battle deadlier than any he faced in war. Portraying the redemptive forces of love and loyalty, this thriller is nonetheless a no-holds-barred depiction of the depths to which human souls can plunge when ends justify means.




The 2010 Epic Award Winner for Poetry

What it’s about:

A Dash of Expectation draws you into the humorous and human drama of the elementary-school classroom. These accessible poems put you at a front-row desk or in the heart of a teacher. The children spill stories of innocence and wisdom, from the shock of sex education in fifth grade, to the first grader, still best friends with the tyke who prompted his fist-fight suspension. And Fee, a former attorney and teacher, serves as a willing scribe.